Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quiet on the Home Front

It's been six days since Lil Luke and mommy Sally went home to San Diego. Now we are left with the thirty second camera phone videos and excess paraphernalia that has to be mailed to them. The house is all too quiet except for the dogs occasional barking. Grandpa spends his free time reading mystery novels and I am back to spending too many hours on the computer.

I keep occupied with trivial activities so as not to think about the pending deployment of my grandson. Sally and I try to avoid the news about the war but then find ourselves erily drawn to wanting to know the breaking news. As these young Marines prepare for the front lines we wonder what thoughts are going through their minds. The unspoken fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of coming home, the possibility of being wounded, the reality of perhaps giving the ultimate sacrifice for their country. I pray for all the troops safe return and wonder how God chooses which mother's, grandmother's or wife's prayers will be answered.

No matter what, I know that I could not cope without God's grace and mercy.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lil Luke

How fast two weeks go by when you are experiencing the joy of your first great grandchild. Becoming a mother at the age of twenty, a grandmother at the age of thirty-eight and now a great granny at the age of 59 has been an incredible journey.

Lil Luke Andrew is the third generation only son of an only son. All with the same middle name. Mark Andrew, my son, is a Gunny Sgt. in the Marine Corp. His son, Stephen Andrew, is a Lance Cpl in the Corp. The Gunny was due to ship out for Afghanistan but was sent home for knee surgery. Daddy Stephen is in the field for pre-deployment training ops. and will be shipping out very soon. When Grandpa asked me what I wanted for my 60th birthday this month, of course I said a plane ticket for Sally & Luke.

I have tried to imprint his double dimple smile and belly laughs into my memory because I know it will be another very long time before I get to see him again. As great as the joy is when they are here, so is the void when they are gone.

The trip was their first visit to Kansas and there have been many jokes about our laid back life style.